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Pology Submission Guidelines

Pology.com, a popular online magazine dedicated to travel and cultural exploration, is looking for contributors. We are currently accepting submissions from both writers and photographers.

For Writers                                  For Photographers

Writing Guidelines (Please read carefully before submitting):

1000-3000 words, non-fiction.

We strongly prefer stories that convey visceral experiences that come about from submersion in a new culture (abroad or domestic). This is not a publication that focuses on shopping, resorts and spas. We want stories that are saturated with life and revealing of culture.

We don't mind pieces that feature a specific destination. However, we are not looking for very dry, formulaic pieces on destinations that tell you where to stay, what to bring, when to go, etc.

The best stories resemble literature more than journalism. The writer’s perspective needs to serve as the readers ‘ambassador’ to a new culture, but at the same time it’s important that the writing avoids self-indulgence. If you write about the life-changing epiphany that occurred on your trip to Thailand, it will come off clichéd and you will lose the reader’s interest. In other words: be a part of your story, but remember this is a magazine about cultural exploration, not about you.

Avoid judgmental or imperialistic writing.

Avoid clichés, like ending your story by saying,  "it was a trip I will remember for the rest of my life,” etc.

While we predominately cover international locations, there is usually at least one story per issue devoted to an American location.

Scan the last couple of issues. If we have covered a location in the past three months, it is unlikely we will be able to use a story on the same location immediately.

Please include submissions as word documents with the following naming convention:
1) Country (subject of story)
2) First Initial
3) Last Name
Example: EnglandJConrad.doc

Please include your full name and email address in the body of the word document.

Please include a title for your story.

We adhere to AP Style Guidelines.

Please direct all article submissions to: editor@pology.com

Photo Submission Guidelines (Please read carefully before submitting):

Our photo essays feature 6 pictures.  Please submit 8-18 pictures in JPG format from the same location.

Minimum dimensions: 800 x 550px (landscape) or 550 x 800px (portrait).

Color photography is preferred. However, on some occasions we embrace B+W.

Please provide a short caption explaining either what is happening in, or the location of, each picture.

External links are OK, but only to specific pictures or galleries (provided the pictures meet the requirements listed above). Do not only provide a link to your homepage.

Please keep all submissions under 600k per picture and 4mb per email. Multiple emails are OK.

Please direct all photographic submissions to: photo@pology.com


We are a non-commercial publication, so this is an unpaid opportunity. As such, you get to retain the rights to your work.

No one working on any aspect of the publication sees a cent from Pology. This is the synergistic product of a group of passionate people who love travel and world culture. Were this to ever change, we would start paying our contributers.

In our few years of existence we have attracted journalists and photographers from major national newspapers, magazines and travel guides, in addition to talented and passionate lesser known writers and photographers. On a handful of occasions, the exposure has led to paying jobs with other publications.


Submissions to:

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(For Pictures)

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